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Our Services

Our Services

Starting with the basic services to encompassing a host of wider offerings, GEC is committed to ensuring the complete installation of a doorway for entry to the Indian subcontinent educational sector for its partner clients. From delivery of legal and financial support, GEC and team are available to manage your expenses and prepare periodic reports and plans. These services are performed with the oversight of experienced professionals at GEC who have trained for years in this domain.

1. GEC sets up and manages your in-country office

GEC is committed to support the educational endeavour of our clients and ensure that they have the necessary support with them to establish their industrial plan in the Indian subcontinent.

  • Provision of a viable office place with requisite infrastructure along with display of necessary logo and names of the client. 
  • Setting up multiple and reliable platforms for call and enquiry management from potential students and interested partners. 
  • Provide student counselling to interested candidates and guardians through event meets and seminars and provide accurate information about client’s courses.
  • Follow up with interested candidates to convert potential leads and conduct necessary enquiries. 
  • Assist students in the Indian subcontinent with relevant application processes, requisite documents and permit requirements to undertake the courses offered by the client. 
  • Conduct screening for eligible students in terms of their eligibility and long term goals and suggest appropriate courses as per their interest. 
  • Assess Statement of Purpose obtained from student to evaluate their proficiency to undertake a particular course. 
  • Conduct in depth scrutiny of required documents from students and following up to obtain the same. 
  • Implement Customer Relations Management system of the client and integrate them with resources in the Indian subcontinent to enable a smooth application process. 
  • Initiate communication of any major policy changes to the partners in the network on a timely basis. 
  • Enable a smooth transition between interested parties and client’s agents as per the local atmosphere and cultural boundaries. 

2. GEC manages and strengthen your channel partner network

GEC is an established entity in Indian subcontinent and holds the capacity to assist in expansion of its clients in the country. We have a very specific pattern to conduct networking activities, with the oversight of efficiency and quality.

  • Installing the requisite infrastructure to conduct an assessment of the partners, reviewing their work performance and eliminating any trouble points. 
  • Tracking agent performance through mandated appraisal procedures and conversion rates. 
  • Defining parameters to measure the performance of agents and conducting in depth scrutiny of new cases to eliminate any fraudulent instances. 
  • Utilising technology solutions to offer regular updates to agents and track training status. 
  • Obtaining accurate feedback on agent performance from potential students through tactical methods 
  • Conduct outreach programmed to involve more entities in the client network and enhance partnerships with them. 
  • Establish metrics for target evaluation and corporate training of partners. 

3. GEC provides Expert Representation, Brand Building

GEC has the potential to represent its clients in the Indian subcontinent and accrue the necessary agents to carry out the expansion plans, envisioned by them.

  • Complete streamlining of human resource selection to match the typical requirements of the clients after complete scrutiny and assessment of skills to fix the requisite profile. 
  • Assured support with brand building within the pre determined geographical boundaries of the recruitment country and setting up a complete industrial infrastructure to deliver education to the target students. 
  • Cultivating scope for expansion of yearly and quarterly plans which strategize dominant arenas in the Indian subcontinent and forwarding action report to clients at routine intervals for assessment and devising corrective or turnaround strategy. 
  • Provision of media and advertising channels in the Indian subcontinent and guidance on country specific marketing content. 
  • Administer routine outreach programmes across multiple educational institutions in the Indian subcontinent with the objective of knowledge sharing and counselling, designed to strengthen the client’s brand. 
  • Organise education fairs and events to establish the client’s brand in the Indian subcontinent and allow the development of a remarkable network for future growth and enhanced visibility. 
  • Undertake organisation of alumni meets to conduct a platform where past, present and prospective students can meet and guide their interest through motivation and experience. 

4. GEC conducts Market Intelligence

GEC’s capable team has the manpower and resources to conduct the necessary market analysis on a routine basis, allowing assessment of expansion opportunity in the Indian subcontinent for the client. We perform this task with the utmost sincerity, backed by the expertise of knowledgeable professionals.


  • Identify and evaluate potential market segments with the most promising returns in Indian subcontinent backed by expert knowledge and sectoral demand pattern. 
  • Perform due diligence from time to time and assess the training opportunities for partners and corporates. 
  • Reporting of market trends in the Indian subcontinent at regular intervals. 
  • Documenting various staff activities on a day to day basis and assessing them to identify performance gaps for improvement.