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Counselling Students in Covid Times

This COVID-19 pandemic has proved to be a challenging phase that everyone is undergoing. Nothing is left undeterred due to this. One section that has been hit the hardest is the Education sector consisting of students from around the world. They have been cut off from the various possibilities due to numerous restrictions and policies. This is the case where the agents can help out even remotely to help the students get past the barriers and take important decisions.

Some of the ways the agents can help counsel the students are as follows:

Empathizing with Students

This is the time where International Students need the most help. They might be feeling alone in their struggles as they are stuck in their area due to restrictions and cannot cross the border for their dream institutions. 

The agents must be able to sympathize and converse with the students on a personal level by sharing similar experiences. It is necessary to make them understand the need to lift oneself and do something that can stove off the hardships. It is all about their end goal, and if they are determined, they will find a way. This motivation would go a long way in aiding them.

Ensuring that Students Can Adapt to Changing Times

It is always the case where students have a plan in mind for their future. Times like the pandemic can make them feel crushed at seeing the plans go to waste. Any agent needs to learn the lesson of adaptation and inculcate the same into the students. The students have to find a way to make their dreams come true by changing the path. The best way to begin is by staying up-to-date with the current happenings and trends in the job market. Even the industry changes the plans to adapt to the situation. This might open up a gateway into a new path even if unconventional. 

Enabling a better self-awareness factor in Students

Self-awareness is a trait that is required in every agent. This is because if an agent is unsure, the students would also be uncertain about themselves. Understanding oneself and the traits, positives, negatives, strengths, weaknesses, and feelings can go a long way into aiding an agent in their student counselling. If the agent is seen as someone confident in their decisions and determined to find a solution, the students will also feel that confidence in themselves. They will thus want to achieve something with their determination. 


The international students are often the ones who are in the most stuck-up situations. They are often alone, without help, and feel the need for a guiding hand. This is where our agents help out. But before they can truly help the students out of their dark thoughts, it is necessary to ensure that the agents are themselves out of the dark. If they have the confidence to live themselves up in trying times, then they are the right candidates to lift the students into the confident zone. The above three counsel points are a guide to help the agents strengthen their minds which in turn would help them support the resolve of the students sitting miles and rivers across from their goals.

Summarizing this, empathy can go a long way in motivating those stuck in the downward spiral. At the same time, helping someone feel confident in themselves, similar to what you might be portraying can be a great way to lift someone. What students might most relate to is the experience of being able to adapt to the changing times just as changing a habitat. But it is more than that. This all is a pathway to the students’ future. Hence, they need the right path shown to them through the correct methods by the right hands.

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