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The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the world a phase where everything can be done online even if earlier some things were better off in the exception list. This has pushed the world to go ahead with rapid developments and automation of various menial as well as big tasks. One of such innovations led to the advancements in the Education Technology and Online Student Recruitment processes. But agencies are still wondering if such a system is enough to carry out all the essential tasks within the complete process of student recruitment. To help them out a little study on Pros and Cons would go a long way.

Benefits of the Online Student Recruitment

  1. It is a time-saving system that ensures the entire Student Recruitment process is carried out quickly and smoothly. This online student recruitment system helps along with the automation processes at a fast pace as several steps that required manual research were transformed.  
  2. It has a greater reach extending all over the world due to the entire process of going online, providing access to all agencies, institutions, and students across the globe. This platform also allows the agents to access the student data and applications from anywhere in the world at a quicker pace.
  3. It is a highly cost-effective system as it foregoes the required travelling and accommodation costs for the agents who commute for an offline manual recruitment process around the world. Instead of spending money on mailing out hard copies of documents, the online document transfer is cost-efficient and time-saving.

These positive points are a great way to acknowledge how well an online student recruitment system will work during and after the pandemic. 

Cost of the Online Student Recruitment

  1. You cannot be sure of its effectiveness unless the system is truly utilized at its potential, which some might feel is a risk. The data and analytics of the system might not be enough of a factor to guarantee the results for some suspecting agencies.
  2. Sometimes automation of every task leaves out the human quality, which can impact results. The human point of the process is the real interaction of the agent with the student, combined with the benefits of having the platform at hand to bring out more positive results. Thus, automation of every process might lose that crucial human touch.
  3. Due to the system being a human-made commodity that works on networks and connectivity, the issues are unavoidable. With technology at play, you cannot help but rely on them entirely for all the tasks to run smoothly. But as being a machine, it can face issues like loss of connectivity during a recruitment session, loss of power losing crucial data, and safety aspects. 

All of these points are a vulnerability that causes the institutions and agencies to think twice before opting for online student recruitment systems. 


Online Student Recruitment Platform is one such innovation tool that is providing innumerable benefits to institutions, agencies, and students across the world. It is even enabling a process of recognizing possible areas of improvement in all cases. It is not necessary that these tools best work standalone. When combined with some of the other relevant tools, they can prove to be the most utilized and beneficial commodity. This brings the students to one platform where their relevant data is saved, processed, diverted to the right agents to enable a successful recruitment session. 

Since this is a technology of education, there is a scope for improvement. But that is only experienced once the system is truly utilized. 

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